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General Information for INCOMING ERASMUS Students

If you are an international student who has already applied for an ERASMUS+ grant to come to the Dpt. of Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna, you may want to find additional information on your stay.

If you are only interested in an ERASMUS+ stay at Vienna, please contact your home university's ERASMUS coordinator.

The departmental coordinator for Comparative Literature in Vienna is Dr. Daniel Syrovy. Should you have any questions regarding your courses, feel free to contact him via email.

There is also the possibility of a personal meeting during office hours (Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 p.m., Sensengasse 3A, room O5.03, 1090 Wien). Please make sure to contact Dr. Syrovy via email beforehand.

a few further clarifications:

Course languages
Most courses at the Dpt. of Comparative Literature are in German; if you have no German, please make sure to check whether courses you are interested in are held in English. There is an English-language version of the Course Catalogue with all titles in English. This does not automatically mean that the course language is English as well!

Types of courses
There are, generally speaking, two types of courses. Seminar-type courses (coded PS, SE, UE, KO,...) with mandatory attendance; and lectures (VO) which can mostly be freely attended without signing up. Note, however, that you may need to inscribe in order to access online course materials. Usually, you will also need to (separately) sign up for exams.

Signing up for courses
The course inscription (and exam inscription) works via the U:Space system.

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