Congratulations on the new position!


We warmly congratulate Carmen Reisinger on her project position (prae doc) at KU Leuven!

Carmen Reisinger completed her master's degree in comparative literature last semester in Vienna with her thesis "Schachzüge im translatorischen Feld. The German Alejo Carpentier" (publication in preparation). While not so long ago she was very active here in Vienna as a student, tutor, student assistant and student representative, she has recently taken up a project position at KU Leuven, where she is working on her dissertation 'Bringing the bard back home: The English translations of foreign Shakespeare criticism in the long 19th century', supervised by Raphaël Ingelbien.

We congratulate Carmen on her new position and wish her all the best!

Thomas Nast, Study for the Immortal Light of Genius (1895), Folger Shakespeare Library