Course recognition

You can apply for the recognition of courses with this form or via u:space. The form, together with the certificate, must be submitted to the StudienServiceStelle during opening hours.

You can also use the above form to apply for the recognition of courses as an alternative extension (Alternative Erweiterung). If, however, you would like to have your courses recognised for an extension curriculum (Erweiterungscurriculum), the SSC/SS of the field of study that offered this EC is responsible.

Reassigning courses

If the course has already been booked in the study programme Comparative Literature Studies but under a different module, no recognition is required, but rather a 'reassignment':

Write from your u:account address ( an e-mail to, indicating the following data:

  • name
  • student ID number
  • title and date of the examination &
  • in which module and which study plan point the examination performance is to be booked.

If the course is creditable for the desired study plan point, it can be reassigned by the SSS.

Erasmus recognition

For the recognition of Erasmus credits, please use the form below:

Learning Agreement AFTER the Mobility (Antrag auf Anerkennung nach dem Aufenthalt)

The certificate of the foreign university must be enclosed.