Study Programmes of Comparative Literature

On this page you will find information about the various study programmes offered (Bachelor, Master, Extension Curricula, Doctorate) as well as about the (de-)registration for courses, course recognition (Anerkennung), Erasmus, and exam dates.

If you have further questions regarding your studies and the planning of the semester, please contact the StudienServiceStelle (SSS), the Vice-Director of Studies and/or the Student Representatives (IG Komp).

Academic Papers

Here you will find two different stylesheets (1x German, 1x English) of international academic series, which should make it easier for you to write your own paper formally correct, as well as the guidelines for the evaluation of your papers.

Deadline for submission of written papers in courses with compulsory attendance (PS, SE, KO, UE):

  • for courses in the winter semester: until the following 30 April
  • for courses in the summer semester: until the following 30 September

Except if the course instructors set an earlier deadline! (see the study law part of the statutes, § 10, 4)

Students are entitled to ask the following professors and lecturers to supervise Master's theses and dissertations:

And on request possibly also the private lecturers: Dr. Larissa Cybenko, Dr. Fausto De Michele, Dr. Christine Ivanovic, Dr. Rainer Just, and Dr. Walter Wagner.