Mentoring and Tutorials


First-year students can attend the STEOP mentoring program. Students from higher semesters explain the curriculum, which requirements have to be met and how best to find your way in the comparative literature studies. In addition, the mentoring groups offer a good opportunity to get to know fellow students and network with them. The mentors can be contacted at If you would like to get involved yourself as a mentor, you can find the announcement and guidelines for the application on the website of the students' representatives IG Komp.

Writing Mentoring

Trained students offer writing groups once a week. All questions concerning the academic writing process can be asked there. The dates for this semester can be found here. New writing mentors are also constantly being trained – more information on the application process can be found here.


To accompany the courses STEOP General and Comparative Literature, Recherche I + II, Module 3 and Russian), tutorials are offered in which students from higher semesters repeat, explain and discuss the contents of the courses with you. Students who have already completed the STEOP have the opportunity to apply as tutors every semester – the announcement and guidelines can be found on the website of the students' representatives IG Komp.