(De-)Registration for Courses and Exams

Registration for courses and exams is via the course catalogue in u:find.

Please note the deadlines for registration and deregistration in the course catalogue of the current semester.

While you only have to register for courses with non-continuous assessment (lectures, etc.) (see instructions), you have to set points for courses with continuous assessment such as Proseminars (PS), Seminars (SE), Conversatories (KO) and Exercises (UE) at registration.



Point allocation system

Each semester you have 1000 points at your disposal, which you can only use in that semester. You distribute these points among the courses that you want to complete. The more points you set for a course, the higher the chance of getting a place there. You can also change the set points until the end of the registration period. At the end of the registration period, a ranking is automatically created according to the number of points set.

When registering, make sure you choose the correct curriculum item (see Curriculum); double registrations, e.g. two registrations for Module 4, Proseminar 1 (M4-PS1) in the same semester, are not possible.



Deregistration and negative assessment

Whoever misses the 1st session in courses with continuous assessment (Proseminars, Seminars, Conversatories and Exercises) without informing the lecturere in advance, loses his*her place and will be  deregistered.

If students withdraw from a course with continuous assessment (PS, SE, UE, KO) after the end of the deregistration period without giving an important (=proven and unforeseeable) reason, the course will be assessed negatively. Withdrawal occurs in the following cases:

  • Non-compliance with the stipulated attendance criteria
  • Non-attainment of a mandatory course work/test
  • Withdrawal from a course with continuous assessment without previous deregistration

Further information and explanations on the registration/deregistration system can be found here.