Einladung: Exhibition in Commemoration of The Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda (1994)


The exhibition will be formally opened on Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, with a presentation, music, poetry as well as snacks.


When? April 9th, 5 pm

Where? Department of African Studies

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. To commemorate the 1 million people who fell victim to this calamity, Ass.-Prof. Dr. Rémi Tchokothe has created the course Rwanda 1994: Humanity’s Collective Memory(cide) 30 Years Later, which has given us students an insight into the literary production arising from this collective trauma. We, the students have created an exhibition that presents The Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda within the framework of the eight stages of genocide, as theorized by Gregory Stanton. We hope to disseminate and further an understanding of this process, and help the visitors recognise the early warning signs of this both reprehensible and universal phenomenon, which is sadly not unique to any time or place in the world.

A Project by students of Comparative Literature:

Antonia Beck-Mannagetta, Magdalene El-Shamy, M. Deniz Kanbalakoglu, Kirstine Kristensen, Josephine Löschner, Laura Steindorf, Isabella Tatschl, Rob Tibke, Katharina Wiesmayer

"Memoricide" by Isabella Tatschl, 2023, will be part of the exhibition.


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