Berta-Karlik Professorship (2015–2018)

On 9 March 2015, one of three Berta-Karlik professorships was awarded to literary scholar Christine Ivanovic.

Christine Ivanovic at the award ceremony for the Berta-Karlik professorships on 9 March 2015

The aim of the Berta-Karlik Programme is to increase the chances of highly qualified female scholars at the University of Vienna to be appointed to a domestic or foreign professorship, starting with the Berta-Karlik Professorship, which is limited to three years. The programme is named after the Austrian physicist Berta Karlik, the first professor at the University of Vienna.

Christine Ivanovic works as a literary scholar at the Institute for European and Comparative Linguistics and Literature at the University of Vienna. She habilitated in Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature, and taught and conducted research in Germany, the USA, and Japan. She is currently pursuing three research questions: on the one hand the development of a typology of translational literature and on the other the analysis of forms and structures of literary texts in trans-European cultural transfer (in cooperation with Japanology). Third, she is developing new approaches to digital literature analysis and mediation using the example of the complete works of Ilse Aichinger in the project "Viennavigator" (in cooperation with the Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences).